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Airport Shuttles

We have a range of luxury and adapted vehicles depending on your rental purpose and location. We allocate 4×4 vehicles due to the land transportation system and because we believe it is more appropriate for your visits. Our vehicles are customized for each travel we recommend.

Flight Booking

Travel anywhere with our partner airlines. Leisure, business, exploration, studies, research, honeymoons, pilgrimages, and other types of travel are all possible. We make it easier for you to go about the nation using our land transportation system. Buses connect the north and south, as well as other locations. We make it easier for you to […]

Tour Packages

Our trips are designed with your primary goal in mind: to appreciate the natural, cultural, and man-made tourism attractions of Uganda, Africa’s Pearl. ORTONS AGENCY, in order to achieve our tourist/traveler mission, provides you with national, regional, and local guides to supply you with the most up-to-date information about the tourist destination of your choosing. […]